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Heidelberg Indian Students Association (HISA)

SRH/FH, Heidelberg

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It has come to our notice that some incoming students of the university of
applied sciences Heidelberg are being misguided by some unauthorized
sources both in India and Heidelberg.
We request you to please write to the HISA board  or the Indian student
co-ordinator, directly reporting to the dean of the Heidelberg University of
Applied Sciences at  You would
get the information with in earliest time possible and the information you
are going to get from these sources will be officially from the Heidelberg
University of Applied Sciences.
Please go through following FAQs beore submitting your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does FH stands for?
Answer: FH stands for Fachhochschule Heidelberg and is also known as Heidelberg university of Applied Sciences and is Run by an organisation called SRH Holdings.
Q2. Is the University Private or Govt and is it Accredited ?
Answer: The University is run by a group called SRH Holding.  Yes, It is recognised and accredited.

Q3. What are the job prospects after course completion ?
Answer: It all depends upon a students skills and hard work. There are plenty of IT jobs available not only in Germany but also in other countries in EU.

Q4. Are part time jobs available.?
Answer: Yes, It all depends upon your network and connections with seniors and friends around.

Q5. What about the accommodation?
A. The rooms are available in University campus of FH and the room rent is Euro 210/month.(For accomodation, the student co-ordinator will have to approve the student)