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Guidelines to the Group Members

  • It is important for a new comer, to present him/herself to the community. Please send a small self-introduction to the group list, as soon as you join the list. Tell us something about yourself, your background, where do you live, what are your activities etc. If you have a personal web page, you can even cite the URL, so people can know more about you and your activities. 

  • Sharing means give & take: Use this list to post your queries and problems, and DO contribute to answers, information and useful tips. You can share your experiences and knowledge pro-actively. Healthy & useful discussions are always welcome! 

  • Spread the word: If you know any prospective Indian who is likely to come to Heidelberg or any Indian in Heidelberg who is not part of ISA, help them by sending our URL http://isaheidelberg.tripod.com. You can also spread it to your German friends (or any other Nationality) who are interested in India.

  • Contribute actively to the list: Don't just be a passive spectator! Participate in the discussions, post messages, information, and news, anything (relevant and useful), but be "RESPONSIBLE" - no junk messages, trivial matters and group mail forwarding etc.

  • Let’s keep this group, vibrant and healthy: Please AVOID: offensive, irrelevant, politics and religious issues, propaganda and commercial solicitations. Most subscribers DO NOT like this matter.

  • Avoid flame wars: Do not ignite a "flame war" in the group, by posting provocative or offensive material. Do not sustain a "flame war". If you have any complaints against any individuals, send a message to the moderator.  

  • Do NOT post any messages which would be considered vulgar or unsuitable for children and for respectable adults.  

  • Do NOT post messages which would be considered illegal for Federal Republic of Germany, or violate terms of service of the host of this mailing list viz. yahoo groups.

  • Do NOT post picture files (jpg, gif, pcx, bmp,), or unreasonably large files (mp3, avi, wav...). Or suspected virus containing file attachments. 
  • Avoid poaching: Do NOT use this list for recruiting members for other mailing lists. 
  • This is partially moderated group: Which means that there is no kind of regular moderation, we indeed, expect our fellow members to be responsible for their posts. 



You're directly responsible for the opinions and messages you post in the yahoo group. The mere fact that a message appears in this list does not imply that it is endorsed or approved by the group, or by any of the other members, or by the moderator of the group.  

By subscribing to our yahoo group, or applying membership to HISA, you agree to all aforementioned conditions and promise to abide by ALL the guidelines given above
With the larger interests and the sanity of this list in mind, the moderator, reserves the right to banish with/without any warning or notice, any member who posts inappropriate material and or causes nuisance to the group.

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